Labor and Birth

Labor can be both an exciting and scary time for moms-to-be. Wondering which health care provider will give you the labor experience you want? Concerned about which birthing option is best for you? The Pregnancy Show has informative video that will answer all your questions about the birthing process!

Finding the right health care provider is an essential starting point. Whether you choose a doula, midwife or doctor, you should feel comfortable with the professional who will be guiding you during the birth experience. Watch informative videos that provide you with details regarding different types of labor experts and decide which health care provider is best for your unique needs.

In addition, choosing the type of labor you would like is also important to your baby�s birth. Your options may include a vaginal or natural birth, a water birth or a cesarean section. Labor can take place either at home, at a special birthing center or at a hospital.

Because these different types of birthing options depend on your pregnancy health, it�s important to make the right decision for your unique pregnancy needs. Learn more about different labor options and which type of birth is right for you with these educational videos.

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3D Medical Animation of Natural Childbirth 3D Medical Animation of Natural Childbirth
Interested in learning more about natural childbirth?
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