Innovative Baby Products Part 2

If your friend is having a baby shower, and you want to celebrate this momentous occasion with a very special gift or maybe you're looking for a certain product to help simplify your life as a parent then this video will provide you with some fantastic mom invented baby products brought to you by My First baby, an e-boutique specializing in innovative products and accessories for moms, infants and toddlers.

On this episode we feature great disposable baby products like The Shopper Topper-designed to go around the shopping cart handle to protect your child from germs and to keep them entertained as well.

Floor Topper-Protect floor surfaces and furniture at feeding and playtime with this disposable and recyclable floor cover.

Potty Topper-specially designed toilet seat cover to protect kids from germs and bacteria when using public restrooms. Even adults can use it!

Tidy Topper-Disposable Changing Pad perfect for using when on the run at public changing stations or any surface while changing baby's diaper.

For more information on these and more great mom invented baby products visit My First Baby

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