You’re pregnant! And you’ve got a lot on your mind! In this section, The Pregnancy Show presents a wide selection of videos dealing with pregnancy issues including pregnancy food cravings, pregnancy safety tips, relationship issues, signs of pregnancy and common pregnancy symptoms so that you can ease your mind and share some laughs.

You’ve heard some of those old wives tales and myths about pregnancy – but is it true that carrying low means you’re having a baby boy? And what could some of those pregnancy symptoms mean? Watch videos addressing some common pregnancy signs and symptoms and get tips on how to cope with pregnancy discomfort.

Have a pregnancy pet peeve? Watch as pregnant women vent about some of the unexpected and irritating encounters experienced during pregnancy. Have an unusual pregnancy food craving? You’re not alone! Check out videos about common food cravings as well as other strange pregnancy symptoms.

Pregnancy can affect a couple’s relationship, as expecting parents prepare for the arrival of baby. But this is often not the only relationship affected by pregnancy. When is the best time to tell your boss that you’re pregnant? Find out how to deal with pregnancy and the workplace and get tips on what to expect when it comes to work issues during pregnancy.

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