Teen Pregnancy

Pregnancy can often take teens by surprise. For some, the news may be welcomed, while for others, the situation may be much more complicated. Before making any decisions, itís important to know what options are available, and how to deal with the particular issues that might arise from this potentially sensitive situation.

Of course, ideally teens will take a more proactive role in learning about the consequences of unprotected sexual activity before such a situation arises. Do you know what puts you at risk of becoming pregnant? Although it might seem obvious, you might be surprised to know many teens are in the dark with regards to exactly how their bodies work, and what contraceptive methods are available. Whatís worse, many buy into to the urban myths surrounding pregnancy, including many falsities about exactly how a woman can get pregnant.

On the other hand, that doesnít mean teens canít make great parents. Listen to these stories of young moms and dads who feel becoming a parent has enriched their lives for the better.

In this comprehensive section, both parents and teens can find valuable advice designed to provide information for those contemplating or confronting the topic of teen pregnancy.

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