Toddler Care

From saying her first words to learning how to potty train, the toddler stage is full of developmental milestones, as your child becomes more aware of herself and the world around her. But just what should parents expect during this stage of their child’s development?

For starters, your child will begin expressing her individuality – and more importantly, her independence. Toddlers are often eager to learn new tasks, but most times without the help of mom or dad. For some parents, this is a welcomed change from the dependence of their child’s younger days, while for the others the adjustment can be more of a challenge. The important thing is for parents to realize this stage is an essential step towards becoming a “big kid”. The skills they learn now will last a lifetime.

At the same time, there are certain skills your child just can’t learn on her own. Potty training, for example, can be particularly difficult for everyone involved. The videos in this section will give you some great tips on how to make the transition out of diapers a little less stressful.

You’ll also find lots of other great videos that will give you some insight on what to expect during the years to come!

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