What To Take To The Hospital

When itís time to go to the hospital to give birth, chances are that you will probably be in a rush and may forget some important things youíll need. Here is a list of some items you should take with you to the hospital.

For Mom During Labor:

Waterproof pads for the car journey (keep these in a handy, easy to reach place)
Unscented oil for massage
Lip balm, toothbrush and toothpaste
Gown or robe
Warm socks or slippers
Preggie Pops for much needed quick calories during labor
Shower cap
Ice pack or rice sock to relieve back pains
Hair clips or ties
Tapes, CDs or relaxing music
Favorite juice or electrolyte-balanced beverage (i.e. Gatorade)
Pillows from home

For Dad

Watch with a second hand
Snack food
Change of clothes and an extra sweater
Paper and pencil
Books or magazines for reading
Camera/video camera
Telephone numbers of family and friends

For Mom, Postpartum

Front-opening gown for breastfeeding
Nursing bras and nursing pads
Favorite snacks
Reading and writing materials, address book, birth announcements
Going-home clothing (keep in mind that you will still look 5 - 6 months pregnant)

For Baby

Car seat (this should be correctly installed in the car prior to the due date)
Receiving blanket for baby
Outside blanket, bunting, booties and cap for baby
Going home outfit or sleeper

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